About Us

mytalu is on a mission to create a financially inclusive world by connecting individuals, businesses and developers wherever they are in the world.

Africa's global payments platform.


Reinventing payments
across Africa...

mytalu comprises of a group of Financial Services and Technology professionals who are building the first unified pan-African payment network from the ground up and making it accessible to the next wave of African entrepreneurs.

We are a truly global team, with local expertise, that is committed to building long-term successful partnerships with our clients.

A team of people brainstorming a solution

Our Values


We are an ambitious team who wants to drive change across financial and technology services.


In order to be the financial provider of choice, it is essential that we are transparent and genuine with our customers.


We are committed to being inclusive and aware in everything we do as a brand, an employer and a supplier.


Always being positive and flexible in how we work will enable us to achieve our purpose.


We will be a secure partner for the communities we serve and the organisations we work with.

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mytalu is supported by an outstanding global team of individuals with deep local industry expertise, who are passionate about transforming the remittance & digital banking ecosystem across Africa.

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