Update from the team – October Edition

This month, we have had some major highlights across the board.

In Kampala, we organised our first-ever mall presence, where a couple of members from the mytalu team set up a desk and stall at The Village Mall, and subsequently got to meet lots of people who were doing their shopping. Many were drawn to the purple mytalu banner, and our team members had a real chance to have some in-depth conversations, discussing our features and discovering what potential users liked about what we were building and what features they would like to see in the future. Also on display at the The Village Mall experience were our new mytalu t-shirts, with many given out to individuals that stopped by and engaged with the team. Seeing so many people chatting about mytalu was very exciting indeed and seeing people wear their mytalu t-shirts with pride was equally fantastic!

In Lusaka, our CEO was working closely on some collaborative sessions with the mytalu Zambia directors, to brainstorm the best go-to-market strategy ahead of our launch in Zambia. There is definitely excitement brewing at the prospect of an imminent launch. We think mytalu is going to be a game-changer for Zambians and we are waiting with bated breath for the launch day. Just around the corner now! Additionally, the mytalu team stopped by at BongoHive in Lusaka to chat about the start-up sector in Zambia, learn more about the opportunities present, and identify ways in which mytalu and BongoHive can collaborate going forward.

It seems to be Summit & Convention season with lots of Tech and Africa focussed events taking place, many of the mytalu team will be attending so please do send us a message. Most noticeably of course is the Africa Fintech Summit taking place in Cape Town on the 3rd and 4thof November. We are very much looking forward to attending and hearing lots of great speakers share their thoughts about the Tech scene in Africa and what trends to expect going forward.

Every time we check the waitlist, we are overwhelmed by how many people are signing up and requesting early access. It is very validating to see thousands of people all excited about what we are building, and we can’t wait to show it off. There is so much optimism brewing at mytalu and we think there are some special milestones upcoming to see out the year.

As always, please do get in touch with us if you have any questions at all about what we are doing at mytalu. We love to chat to everyone!

Team Talu

  • We want you to expand your services to country like Nigeria due to the impact of its economy and a good rate of exchange will attract many people to register and use your application. I wish you all best we keenly waiting for you and your application

    • Hey! Thanks so much for your interest in mytalu – it is great to see that you are passionate about the opportunity in Nigeria and thank you for letting us know. We would like to expand into Nigeria in the future and will keep you updated!

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