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It’s been a busy couple of months at mytalu. Most of the team are now based in Kampala taking a hands-on approach with what we are building and getting very excited along the way with how the app is shaping up. It’s amazing to see how far we have progressed but even more so when we look at the pipeline of upcoming features and functionalities. With the majority of team now in Uganda, it has also been an opportune time to do lots of face-to-face testing with our group of early testers. Watching them navigate through the app experience and hear in real-time the feedback they have has been invaluable and has helped immensely to shape the app UI/UX and the functionality rollout. Speaking to end-users is an absolute must for any start-up and we are always ready to hear from anyone that would like to join the Team Talu early tester group, so please do get in touch with us even if it is just to chat with us about what we are building (we won’t bite – Promise!)

The team has enjoyed socialising and getting to know each other better and we have also taken the opportunity to explore Uganda as a whole by visiting some of the more rural towns and villages, chatting with anyone who will talk with us, and eating one too many rolex along the way – they are so tasty and morish though, it is hard to say no! Ugandan hospitality never ceases to amaze us, and it has been wonderful to speak with so many people about a whole range of topics.

At mytalu, we are committed to our Build Better ethos, and that belief extends beyond the direct work we do at mytalu. This month we spent some time with the Jinja Educational Trust (JET) hearing and seeing all the great work that they are doing to promote education in Jinja, ensuring children are getting a top-quality education which is both challenging and fun for students. The passion and drive that the JET team has for bettering schooling is infectious and left an impression on the mytalu team. We really appreciated them taking the time to show us around the schools they support and tell us a bit more about the initiatives they have undertaken. Truly inspiring and we look forward to connecting with them again going forward.

It is full systems go at mytalu. Exciting, but plenty of work still left to do. We are so proud of what we are building and hope that you will enjoy the journey with us. As mentioned previously, please do get in touch with us to hear more about what we are doing at mytalu, and feel free to shoot any suggestions you have our way as well. The waiting list is live on our website, so please add your details so we can keep you updated, and we are also running tester group sessions if you are keen to join and become a member of Team Talu as we start to build out this awesome community that wants to Build Better!

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