Welcoming the New Year

Now that 2023 is underway, it is a chance to reinforce good habits, pick up new skills, and hit the ground running. 2022 was not without its fair share of ups and downs, but the turn of a new year is a time for optimism, hope, and forward-thinking. At mytalu, we are fully embracing that ethos and looking ahead to a year full of milestones, achievements and successes and we hope that extends to each and every person. Whatever it is that you hope to achieve this year, everyone at TeamTalu is cheering you on in your own endeavours and ambitions, and we would like to share with you some of the principles that our team members live by as we enter the new year.

  • It is a deeply held belief that together as a community, we can build better, and that strength comes from unity. Adversity is overcome by sticking together and being there for each other – never underestimate the value of compassion. A friendly shoulder to lean on goes a long way when obstacles are in our path. Family and friends are an anchor of stability in an ever-changing world.
  • Look back on 2022 with a keen eye to learn from what happened. Do not dwell on mistakes but instead seek out the lesson to be learned and apply it going forward. Failure is the greatest teacher, but it does not need to define us; instead, emerge wiser and better prepared for the challenges to come.
  • Finally, as is oft-quoted “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – whatever changes you are planning, new hobbies you are undertaking, or skills you are learning for 2023, the most important thing right now is to begin with conviction and to carry forward with continuity, developing a routine and sticking to it. Mastery comes from perseverance and discipline.

As Team Talu looks over the horizon, we are excited by the prospect of 2023 and the opportunities, challenges and learnings that are to come. From everyone, we wish you a very successful 2023.

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