Why do we blog?

As part of our Build Better ethos, we feel it is important to share as much information as possible with our TeamTalu community for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it gives us a chance to tell you about some of the topics that are close to our hearts, which drive us forward and allow you to get a sense of what motivates us and why we are building mytalu. Everyone has had different experiences and learnings and one of the best things we can do as a community is to discuss with each other and listen to each other. That way we can discover new thoughts, teachings, and perspectives and learn about new topics and ideas. We are so passionate about all things to do with payments, and blogging gives us the perfect forum to share that passion with all of you.

Secondly, we think it is the best way to give a real insight into how our product is developing and evolving. We can share key information with you about features, release dates, roadmaps, and future plans. It allows us to really show off what makes mytalu so great and helps us keep the TeamTalu community up to date with all the latest cool things that we have been working on. By blogging, we can also frame the “why” and “how” elements as well – Why have we built this feature or function? – How will it work? –  How does it impact the African payments space? These are all questions that we can address through blogging.

Thirdly, and perhaps this is the most important reason of all, blogging feels like a direct interaction with our community. When we blog, we feel like we are writing to an audience, and it puts an element of humanity in a digital world. There is a passionate team giving everything they can into making mytalu as good as it possibly can be and blogging gives us the avenue to share those emotions, both high and low, with you. As part of the TeamTalu community, we really want to include you in all those emotions and ensure that everyone feels like they are contributing to building something awesome.

Blogging is a valuable medium through which everyone in the TeamTalu community both inside the company and out can learn from each other, share updates, understand the process, and feel like they are part of something much bigger. We are excited to keep writing blog posts and look forward to seeing how it develops over time. 


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