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The Foundation

Generate mytalu wallets for each of your users, allowing them to store, send and spend funds as required in your project, giving them a frictionless experience.

The Movement

Take advantage of the mytalu payment network to send money to other mytalu wallets or payout to local mobile money accounts (with bank account payouts coming soon!)

The Verification

Verify that your users are who they say they are. Reduce your KYC burden by verifying the identity of users in seconds with a combination of distinct ID Verification services.

Anti-Money Laundering
The Security

mytalu approaches its regulatory obligations with utmost seriousness. Our AML API screens out suspicious users through robust checks to protect against fraud and financial crime.

Utility Bills
The Ease of Life

Allow your users to pay for their bills. Reduce the stress when it comes to paying bills such as electricity, water, TV and school fees. More bill providers are being added all the time.

The Communication

Provide airtime purchase capabilities to your users with top-ups for all mobile networks across Uganda, or simply as a means of rewarding your loyal customers for their engagement.

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