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The Africa FinTech Summit 2023 in Lusaka was a monumental event for mytalu, as we proudly secured a spot within the esteemed Alpha Expo cohort. This privilege granted mytalu an exclusive booth at the summit, allowing us to showcase our ground-breaking product—a revolutionary multicurrency account for seamless sending, spending, and earning. We also had the opportunity to discuss our wide range of APIs to power the next wave of businesses, developers and entrepreneurs alike.

The journey at the summit commenced with an insightful keynote by Dr. Denny Kalyalya, Governor of the Bank of Zambia, setting the tone for the engaging discussions that followed. The Fireside Chat with PAPSS and the Zambia FinTech and Digital Transformation panel illuminated the evolving FinTech landscape within the African context, shedding light on the transformative role of technology in the region’s financial sector.

The first day continued with a series of thought-provoking sessions, including an exploration of the diverse applications of FinTech in sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, mining, and utilities. Notable figures offered valuable insights into the intricate nexus between FinTech and different industries, emphasising the potential for exponential growth and innovation.

The afternoon sessions delved into the vital aspects of cross-border payments and the digitisation of banking services. The workshops facilitated by many industry experts highlighted the importance of robust payment infrastructures and seamless transaction lifecycles, underlining the pivotal role of fintech in driving financial inclusivity across the continent.

As the day progressed, mytalu had the opportunity to participate in stimulating discussions surrounding embedded fintech solutions for both the public and private sectors. Esteemed professionals shared their perspectives on the intersection of fintech and investment, emphasizing the significance of sustainable financial solutions to promote economic growth and stability.

The day culminated with sessions exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the FinTech industry, the critical role of FinTech in fostering climate resilience, and the dynamic relationship between FinTech and the African tech ecosystem. Noteworthy speakers from a whole host of backgrounds provided comprehensive insights into the multifaceted dimensions of fintech and its far-reaching impact.

The second day marked a significant milestone for mytalu as we took centre stage during the pitch competition, presenting our innovative solutions to an enthusiastic audience. The engaging pitch not only showcased mytalu’s ground-breaking products but also highlighted our commitment to driving financial empowerment and inclusivity in the region with a view to long-term economic growth.

The Africa Fintech Summit 2023 was a vibrant and collaborative platform that not only provided mytalu with valuable exposure and networking opportunities but also reinforced the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and financial accessibility for all. With an array of insightful discussions, dynamic workshops, and engaging panels, the summit underscored the pivotal role of FinTech in shaping the future of the African financial landscape.

As mytalu continues to embark on our journey of revolutionizing the financial sector, the lessons learned, and the connections forged at the Africa FinTech Summit 2023 will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for our continued growth and impact across the continent and beyond.

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