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With FinTech continuously being a growing industry, it is becoming a more sought after industry to work in and this can be seen in the rise of FinTech companies and start-ups over the last few years. In this week’s blog post, we look at reasons as to why the industry is gaining even more popularity; focusing on the impact of younger generations, FinTech giving people a chance to become a part of technological changes as well as what’s in store for the near future. 


Younger generations

It is well-known that younger generations are known to be extremely tech-savvy and this can potentially draw younger generations to then pursue careers within the FinTech industry. Already, younger generations use digital banking  services more than traditional banking institutions and therefore recognise the importance and convenience of them. Also with the amount of FinTech start-ups that have been set up by younger people, it is evident that they are driving change by making the FinTech industry more inclusive in all aspects, hence why more and more individuals from all backgrounds are drawn to work within the industry.


Becoming a part of technological changes

One of the most exciting things about the FinTech industry is the essential role it plays in shaping our digital futures and this could be one of the many reasons as to why one would want to pursue a career in it. FinTech’s offer a wide range of services within digital banking, allowing people to not only feel more confident about managing their finances but also broadening the horizon for digital banking services to be available at a more global scale no matter the environment. It is fair to say that FinTech is constantly being used as a drive for change regarding socio-economic factors and this can be seen through the development of services such as green banking/finance.


Future predictions of the FinTech sector

Having looked at two main reasons as to why careers in FinTech are becoming more popular, it is clear that the future is very bright as the main aims of FinTech tend to focus around the notion of Financial Inclusion. With a lot of change to come within the next few years, with the scale of the sector at the moment, careers within FinTech are definitely set to become even more in demand as even though it may be challenging, seeing the impact it has on different communities makes it extremely worthwhile. 

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