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What does API stand for?


  • API stands for Application Programming Interface. 


What does an API do?


  • APIs are integral to the way in which applications work and communicate with each other. It is the mechanism through which two different software elements are able to work together cohesively. Data can be extracted and shared via APIs.  


Why are APIs useful?


  • They allow businesses and companies to open up their services to external third parties. These third parties use APIs to gain access to data and functionality via the APIs, which in turn helps create new experiences for the end-user. APIs are incredibly powerful and power many of your favourite apps that you use every day. APIs are used for internal systems, integrations, embedded content and data sharing.

Which businesses use APIs?


  • Almost any business that engages via a digital medium will both provide and consume APIs


 Does mytalu have APIs?


  • Yes, we do!


What can I do with mytalu’s APIs?


  • You can take advantage of our fintech-as-a-service offering. With our set of APIs you can leverage our payment infrastructure, wallets, and compliance capabilities to supercharge your own fintech use cases. By using our APIs you can cut down on the time it takes to launch and scale a fintech product. We do all the heavy lifting and the key to unlocking all that awesomeness is through our APIs!

Which countries is this available in?


  • We are launching in Uganda and Zambia very shortly, but coming soon to other countries as well!


How can I get started using mytalu’s APIs?



If you have any questions – feel free to reach out to TeamTalu via our email address

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