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As the world’s technological advances continue to progress, it goes without saying that the FinTech industry is part of this constant growth. These innovations have had an impact on everyone worldwide and changed the way people interact with our finances however there’s one group in particular that is impacted the most by these changes due to it being their future which is Gen Z. In this week’s blog post, we look further into the impact FinTech has had on Gen Z and how it could shape their future for generations to come.


Opportunities it presents

One of the main advantages FinTech presents to Gen Z is its many advanced solutions on how to effectively manage personal finances. For instance, this can be seen through tools on FinTech apps that allow consumers to track their expenses, help with savings and budgeting as well as wider options when it comes to applying for loans or mortgages. Another notable advantage FinTech solutions give Gen Z is a bigger range of investment opportunities and the chance to invest in green FinTech for a more eco-friendly future.


Easily adaptable

Due to Gen Z’s tech-savvy nature as they are regularly online, it is undeniable that they would be more inclined to use digital banking platforms a lot more than traditional physical banking institutions. Digital banking platforms give consumers the flexibility and freedom to manage their finances from wherever they reside as well as allow them to make an income through streams such as cryptocurrency. Because of this not only will FinTech continue to have an effective impact on their generation but also gives an insight into how advanced FinTech could become in the future particularly when it comes to investors.



Although Fintech has a mostly positive impact on Gen Z one of the downfalls is Gen Z’s heavy reliance on technology which could come at a disadvantage when it comes to any malfunctions of the service. Technological issues and mishaps pose a great risk as not only would this create an opportunity for scammers but also cause great inconvenience for users of the service/app. Therefore people tend to opt for using both online banking services as well as traditional ones in case this occurs. 


What the future holds

From looking into the various factors of how FinTech impacts Gen Z it is fair to say that it has opened the doors to a brighter and more inclusive financial future for all. Despite the fact that there are a few risks when it comes to FinTech services, overall, they mainly offer a vast amount of opportunities it brings to Gen Z which tend to enhance their overall financial experience. Ultimately, as the FinTech industry is constantly changing at a rapid pace, it will almost certainly have a positive impact on future generations.

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