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It goes without question that FinTech services like mytalu are evolving at a rapid pace and are becoming a huge benefit to numerous sectors worldwide. This week’s blog post draws focus on FinTech’s role in real estate and how it is helping open the housing market for the better. 


1. Fintech & Property (PropTech)

The main role that FinTech plays within the property sector is mainly through the digitalisation of real estate services. Essentially, not only does this ensure more accessibility to people but would also encourage processes such as mortgages and loans to be much more simplified and efficient as these products would be coming from digital-only organisations. 


2. More investment

Investment opportunities within the housing market can be seen through FinTech advances such as the use of PropTech. This necessarily gives FinTechs the platform to give loans to their consumers or businesses to work towards buying property. Since PropTech has been in use this has seen a rise in investors wanting to fund the concept of proptech lending, therefore causing the industry to thrive.


3. Better Management 

Due to other advances in FinTech such as blockchain, the way data is stored and viewed has massively shifted, resulting in the property industry having better risk and data management overall. Data now being able to be viewed in real-time, making projections on properties in the housing market a lot more accurate. As well as this, the new data methods also promote better risk management procedures, for example looking into tech/legal issues or any mistakes regarding strategic management. 


4. Cost reductions

The rise in technological advancements has shown the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically seen in the property industry as customer services in real estate are becoming more and more computerised. Again, the main outcome from this is positive as it means companies will be reducing costs and time, giving the property industry a chance to grow even more and further open out the housing market.


Final thoughts

In conclusion, from looking into how fintech has helped shape the housing market/property industry through PropTech, it is evident that it is set up for success. The use of ProptTech within real estate has mostly changed it for the better as it has introduced newer and more efficient ways of dealing with the demands of this sector. 

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