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Wow, the year is certainly moving by quickly! The first quarter of 2023 is done and the year is moving by at the speed of light. It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming in the new year. 


In our first blog of 2023 we talked about setting goals and really going for them. At mytalu, that drive has kept on going throughout the past few months and we have been going from strength to strength.

This past month, we held some exciting sessions so that we could get feedback for our updated app. It was great to see people sending test money between each other and trying out the full functionality of the new app. The feedback was so positive and also provided some great insight into how we can make improvements going forward to make mytalu even better. 


Elsewhere, the Zambian team has been working hard on our pre-launch strategy. We have had some great brainstorming sessions on how best to position ourselves going forward and are excited to share some updates with you across our marketing channels. It is going to be super exciting to show off mytalu in Zambia.  


The social media teams are keeping on top of things and I for one have thoroughly enjoyed taking the Friday quiz even if there have been some challenging questions at times that really push my knowledge to the limit. 


The team in general is in high spirits and we could not be prouder of what we are building. Let’s go!


We have really appreciated all the feedback we have had from everyone chatting about what we are building, and we do read each and every message you send us so please do keep getting involved and letting us know your thoughts. 


As we enter April, we encourage everyone to keep pushing to reach their 2023 goals and to make the most of each and every day. Mytalu is cheering you on and we look forward to celebrating your successes.

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