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1. It makes it easier to be paid in a variety of different currencies. 

With mytalu, you receive bank account details for GBP, USD and Euro meaning you can easily receive payments from platforms such as Fiverr and UpWork. You can receive payments directly along local payment rails, such as Faster Payments in the UK and ACH is USA, straight into your mytalu account without any hassle.

2. They allow you to take better control of your finances. 

With a multi-currency account, you are in control over which currencies you want to hold. With mytalu you can send, receive, hold, and convert giving you the flexibility you need to stay in control of your finances and prioritise which currencies you wish to hold for your needs.

3. Providing details to friends and family.

When receiving money from friends and family abroad, you can make life easier for them by providing your account details so they can do straightforward transfers into your mytalu account. For example, if you have family living in the UK, they can do a simple bank transfer along domestic payments rails straight into your mytalu GBP balance, with your own UK bank account details that are provided in-app with mytalu. Receiving money has never been easier and it is up to you which currency you want to hold the funds in.

4. Manage your FX. 

If you are someone who is internationally exposed and needs to be able to send and receive payments in multiple currencies, then multi-currency accounts gives you the flexibility you need to manage your FX requirements.

5. Get paid faster.

If speed is something you care about then multi-currency accounts are the right solution as well. Multi-currency accounts are well placed to make payments quickly in multiple countries. There are no long waiting times for payout, so you can send money knowing that it will arrive quickly to the intended recipient.

6. Take advantage when FX rates are good. 

Multi-currency accounts allow you to hold and convert multiple currencies with ease, so whenever the FX rate is good, you can take advantage of it to make a conversion for a rainy day when you’ll need to make a payment in a different currency. 

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