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The year has gone so quickly and with only just about two months left a lot of changes have happened here at mytalu!


This Autumn a lot of exciting things have taken place for the mytalu community and some of these are: 

There have been new updates made to the app which now allow users to have:

  • Support for more currencies
  • Enhanced security – with a layer of protection that hides your virtual card details.
  • Collaborative Pots
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements
  • A convenient contact list- making it much more convenient for money transfers
  • Tools to Manage Transactions better through adding pending and failed statuses
  • Act on Notifications

We hope these updates will not only enhance the user experience for mytalu users but also provide everything necessary to make payments as simple as possible.

Additionally, we have recently taken part in the Africa FinTech Summit 2023 which took place in Zambia. This was an exciting opportunity for us to answer everyone’s questions and explain the concept of the brand. As part of this, we also got to pitch at the AlphaExpo2023 in which we enjoyed talking to everyone who came to the stand to find out more about our app and appreciated all the feedback that was given.

Last but not least, we’ve been excited to see the mytalu family grow as we have welcomed more new members to our Zambian team in Lusaka; and are excited to see how mytalu is making more of a mark in Zambia!

As we draw near towards the end of the year we are grateful for all the support we have been getting and hope everyones achieved what they set out to do this year.


Team Talu

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